Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Tree and Cinnamon Rolls

So I haven't posted in a long time! So i just thought I should let everyone in on my life! Not much has happened since the last post! I did put my mission papers in and am waiting for a mission call anyday I hope! There was some things i had to do before i could really put them in but they are in now I hope!! On saturday I made cinnamon rolls some of the best i have made in a long time!! On sunday we had a twister come to willard it took out a limb from the big tree in the back yard!!! some how it missed the deck and the House!! That is my life for you in a small post!!


Kristy said...

A twister in willard... how did I miss that! Thats big news! And that picture of you is geourgous! Good luck with the papers!!!!

Dana Cheryl said...

Those rolls look really, really good!

Can't wait to hear about your call. Yay!!

Dana Cheryl said...

OK I need to know how to make these rolls. Will you teach me your skills?