Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What the Weird!!!!!

So the day Started out not so good!!! So when i got to work i decided to pray again!!! Then as i am walking into work who stops and talks to me???? That is right the boy!!!!!!!!! WHY???? He looked different a good different!! He asked about me not what he would do before!!!!! It was really weird! I don't know why i started to shake and get nervous and why would my heart beat hard for the guy who broke my heart!!!! Well what the weird!!! I don't know why i didn't tell him about the mission stuff and going through the temple!?!?! I tell everyone why not him?? I did invite him to institute but he did not come!! A little part of me wanted him to come!! I wish he would just call me and tell me why he followed me into work!!! I want to talk to him about this!! why did i delete his number??? UGH!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I have some of the greatest friends!!! SO this post is for them!! Just telling them how much I love and appreciate them!!! I found a poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes that i like so yeah! " It is not what we say or sing, That keeps our charm so long unbroken, Though every lightest leaf we bring may tough the heart as friendship's token" I liked it alot i hope all my friends do to!!!