Monday, January 12, 2009

SOO A New Year!!

Well just to catch you all up on my life!! Not a whole lot went on during the holidays! I got sick and had to work!! I had a great New Years eve with friends love them all!! Last Friday went to a burn party! It is were you burn all the thing you don't want to go with you in to the new year! I burned the SD Chargers( you ppl know who this was for!) They Lost on Sunday!! YEA! It feels good to be in a new year with lots of new and wonderful possibility! I just want to say that i love my family and all my great friends!!

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Dana Cheryl said...

Oooh! A burn party sounds fun. I missed having one on New Years so I may have to one at a totally random time. Maybe I can have a monthly burn party. That way I can purge as I go and be relatively baggage free. lol!

I miss your face. Are you coming down too next weekend?!