Monday, December 8, 2008


I've been tagged:
I was tagged by my sister, Lisa Holmes
I am: A sister, a daughter, a child of God, a cousin, a friend, Dental assistant :)
I think: about family and friends
I know: I am loved and everything will be alright
I want: to help everyone around me!!
I have: everything I need, great friends, awesome family, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the best Job in the world!!
I dislike: hate!
I miss: My Siblings (mostly my brother) and their families(
I fear: little, those who know me know what I fear most!
I feel: my Savior's love!!
I hear: Christmas Music, Bing Crosby, God rest ye merry Gentlemen
I smell: Black Raspberry Vanilla :)
I crave: A nice long run! :)
I cry: All the time
I search: for knowledge
I wonder: why??
I regret: nothing!!
I wish: for more peace!
I love: my family, friends and my Job!
I care: about the future.
I always: am late to sacrament meeting!
I worry: about the world!!
I am not: perfect
I remember: The good times! And how fun they were!! :)
I believe: in learning about one another to better understand each other.
I sing: all the time! No one should be in my head not even me!!
I don't: like rap music
I argue: over nothing! any more!!
I write: very little! no one can read what i write!!:)
I win: at card games!! I never win!!!!:)
I lose: my cool with stupid boys!!
I listen: to everything but Rap
I don't understand: Life
I can usually be found: at home or work or the chruch.
I need: alot of snow!!
I forget: most pain :)
I am happy: with everything in my life!!
Now I tAg... Jamie, Michele, Steph K

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steph k said...

woo hoo! I think I'll do this now instead of writing a real entry!